18Ah Jumpstarter with Air Compressor and DC Outlet and USB Port

Item: PSX3

  • Ultra high power 18 amp hour battery starts batteries instantly
  • 160 PSI tire inflator inflates tires and sporting goods quickly
  • 1 Amp USB port charges electronics such as tablets and smart phones in half of the time
  • Powerful 3 LED emergency light
  • 32 Inch (82 cm) industrial cables and 400 amp clamps allow you to keep jumpstarter on the ground rather than the engine compartment
  • Racing gauges and carbon fiber texturing
  • Cables Reversed Light warns before making improper cable connections
  • 120V AC Built-in charger allows recharge of unit with standard extension cord or with power cord included


Volts 12
Peak Amps 1000
Cranking Amps 400
Charger Rating 650mA
Polarity Reversal Protection LED Warning
Battery Type 18 Ah
Cable Length 32 in
Cable Gauge 6 AWG
Cable Material 100% Pure Copper
Dimensions 11.5 in. x 10.75 in. x 8.375 in.
Weight 20 lbs.

  • PSX3
  • PSX3
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