3000 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump Starter

Item: P1224

The PowerStation Pro P1224 has broken into the automotive aftermarket and emerged as the new standard for professional jumpstarters. With 3000 Peak Amps of superior jumpstarting power, “no-spark” reverse polarity protection, 76” #2 AWG welding gauge copper cables, and 700A Nylon coated clamps, this model is an absolute must-have for the shop technician or weekend warrior searching for a user-friendly, incredibly powerful, and versatile unit to jumpstart a variety of vehicles ranging in size. The P1224 easily switches from powering a 12V battery system to powering a 24V battery system with the turn of a knob, and contains LED indicators highlighting the internal charge-status of the unit. The P1224 also has a 12V DC outlet with overload/short circuit protection so you can keep your accessories powered up while in the field, and comes with a 1A automatic charger.
  • 3000 Peak-Amps of superior jumpstarting power Designed for use on 12 Volt and 24 Volt battery systems Reverse-Polarity Protection to ensure safer jumpstarting conditions 1500mA AC Adaptor Plug included; simply connect the adaptor to the unit to recharge the internal battery LED’s indicate when the internal battery is chargingand when it is completely charged Heavy-Duty clamps designed to fit both top and side-mount batteries 12 Volt accessory outlet with overload and short-circuit protection Weather resistant cables will remain flexible in cold weather Compact, durable, corrosion-proof casing


Battery systems 12V and 24V
12 V Peak Amps 3000
12V Cranking Amps 600
24V Peak Amps 1500
24V Cranking Amps 300
Protection “No-Spark” Reverse-Polarity Protection and Overload Protection
Power Outlets 2 DC
Cable Length 76”
Cable Type #2 AWG Welding Gauge Copper Cables
Clamp Type 700A Nylon Coated Clamps
Accessories 4’ DC to DC Power Transfer Cord

  • P1224
  • P1224